Sam B.

"I WANT to workout now!"

Sam B.

Before I started at Fortitude Strength, I did not consider myself an athletic person. I had a membership at a 24 hour gym here in town, and I was just lost. Other than looking at the guides on the machines, I lacked the basic knowledge on how to complete an effective and safe workout.

I started at Fortitude about 6 months ago, and my entire outlook on fitness and nutrition has shifted. I cannot say enough great things about the support and knowledge from our awesome coaches! I am no longer worried that I will hurt myself during a workout and by accomplishing so many small goals already, my confidence has started to resurface. I WANT to workout now.

When I come in for a group class, it feels like I’m hanging out with friends for an hour, and we just happen to be working out. I have not experienced anything like it before! If you are in the same boat that I was 6 months ago, I totally recommend trying it out!

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