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2k Row Test

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The 2k Row is an incredible test of fitness, but also helps athletes gauge pacing for future workouts that involve the erg. Often we talk about strategy in terms of pacing relative to 2k pace, so knowing that is valuable beyond today. Allotting time for multiple heats today. Having a buddy in your ear during this workout keeps you on track with holding specific paces. There is a link below that references predicted times based on what pace per 500m athletes choose to hold.



Warm-up (No Measure)

For 10 minutes Team Rowing:

In teams row for 10 mins. Each athlete will row 100m trying to land exactly on the 100m intervals. For every meter off the mark there is a burpee penalty.

For example if partner 1 gets off the rower at 94m or 106m he/she must complete a 6 burpee penalty before partner 2 can begin rowing. Parther 2 will be shooting for the 200m mark paying the same penalty for any meters over or under the mark.

Warm-up (No Measure)

:30 Seconds

Active Spidermans

Ankle Stretch

Active Samson

Pigeon Pose

Air Squats

Wide Stance Side Lunge


Before beginning metcon you will receive 10 minutes of coaching on Rowing

2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row
A 2k row is meant to be uncomfortable, but pacing it poorly and moving poorly makes it all that more uncomfortable. If athletes have a previous time on their 2k, they can use that as a reference point and figure out their average pace per 500 meters for the last time they completed this workout. For example, if they rowed an 8:00 2k the previous time, their average split per 500 meters is 2:00. In order to improve upon their time, all they have to do is hold an average below 2:00. Let’s say this is 1:58 for today.

At the beginning of the workout when athletes are fresh, they can start with up to 10 hard pulls before settling into their desired pace for 500 meters. Athletes can maintain their desired pace for the first 500 meters. The next 1000 meters will be slightly above their desired pace per 500 meters. For this athletes, that would be a 2:00 pace for the next 1000 meters. For the final 500 meters, we want athletes to be up to 5 seconds below their desired 500 meter pace. For this athlete, this is as low as a 1:53. With their buddy behind them screaming in their ear, the last 100 meters of the day should be the best effort.


Start – 10 Hard Pulls

First 500 Meters – At Desired Split Time

Middle 1000 Meters – Desired Split Time +2 Seconds

Next 400 Meters – Desired Split Time -5 Seconds

Last 100 Meters – All Out Sprint

Extra Credit

Warm Up: PCS 11/21/17 (hips) (No Measure)

3 rounds

20 lateral banded step overs

20 groiners

5 pistols on box (w/ counterbalance)


Cool Down

You know what you need to do. Make it happen folks. Nice Job today!


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