What If...

You Felt Confident Again?
You Could Be Active Without Fear?
You Finally Had Peace of Mind While Exercising?
You Made These the Best Years of Your Life?

What If You Could?

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Finally, Peace of Mind.

At Fortitude, we believe aligning our world-class support with your personal commitment will empower you to fully experience a fulfilling, active life.

How do I know if Fortitude is right for me?

We are a good fit for you if some of these are true:
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You’re afraid of getting hurt
  • You want to be a better example for your kids
  • You always need the outlier services
  • Trainers and coaches can’t relate to your needs
  • You want more
  • Healthcare has no answers for you
  • You feel overlooked by the fitness industry
  • You feel like you’re always told what to do and never taught how to do it yourself
  • You’ve been prioritizing everything else in your life before yourself
  • You’ve tried all of the quick fixes and none of them have worked
  • You’re still paying for a gym membership that you quit using 6 months ago
  • You’re tired of “working around it”
  • You are overwhelmed

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At Fortitude we believe:

  • Physical freedom is important
  • Looking good is nice, feeling good is better
  • Freedom of time is more important than hours in the gym each day
  • The ability to say yes to life outside the gym is why we workout
  • Cleanliness and presentation matter
  • Simplicity and results matter, not elaborate and complicated workouts
  • Personalized coaching and accountability guide choices within the gym
  • Your desired results are worth your investment
  • Effectiveness and guidance is what you deserve

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Our Strategy

The journey reclaim your Active Life

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What are your goals and how can we help you achieve them? We gather information like your history, goals, needs, movement patterns, ranges of motion, & skill level to better understand where you are and what is important to you.



A custom plan created just for you. 1:1 in-person training at just the right pace for you to gain the confidence and competence to graduate to autonomy and begin reclaiming your active life.



You're learning how to do this for the rest of your life, sustainably. Autonomy is gained in basic movements and using a custom program to build on you foundation to elevate your skills and abilities.



You're reclaiming your active life safely and confidently. Your custom program evolves based on your wants and needs to maintain your fitness and begin pursuing activities outside of the gym.

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